Laura Chouette is an author and photographer known for her evocative writing in genres such as dark fantasy, horror, and poetry. She began her literary career with the short story "The Green Grove" in 2017.


Her notable works include "The Painting of Mrs. Ravensbrook" (2018), a dark fantasy short story, and the poetry collection "When Dusk Falls" (2020).


Chouette continues to captivate readers with her melancholic themes and vivid storytelling.


Since then, she has published another poetry collection titled "Profound Reverie," and one of her poems was shortlisted in the "A New Beginning" poetry competition hosted by Renard Press.

Instagram: @laurachouette 

Snapchat: laura-chouette

Twitter: @ChouetteLaura

Tumblr: @LauraChouettePoetry