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»Her love was like lavender

delicate and melancholy«


Eine Sammlung der schönsten Sprüche

aus den YouTube Videos von »LeVampir«

und den Zitaten und Gedichten von Laura Chouette.

»Her love was like lavender

delicate and melancholy«


A poetry collection by Laura Chouette.


Turning a serious case of wanderlust into a successful career, Laura Chouette is the blogger

behind her eponymous website laurachouette.com. Combining her love of fashion and travel,

along with a burgeoning modelling career, here, the ever-stylish Laura chats to us about her love

of classic pieces, planning spontaneous trips and the creative outlet she wants to explore next.


Introduction of my personal style.


My personal style has always been classic. I love black, elegant dresses and simple skirts. Here and there I try something new, for example blue jeans with torn fabric at the knees, but of course my classic blazer has to go with this outfit. I find minimalist clothing particularly beautiful. In my wardrobe there are almost only the colours white and black. I personally would never wear neon colours or animal prints.


How did I develop an interest in fashion, writing and travel and turn it into a full-time career.

I started writing years ago. Besides writing books, I write a blog all about travel and fashion. I love to share my impressions and outfits with my growing readership.

What topics do I love writing about?

My favourite topic is travelling. It is important to me to see as much of the world as possible and to collect countless new impressions. New cultures are always be something exciting! When I travel, I usually only buy clothes that I think fit [a particular] place such as classic blazers and long skirts in Paris and a light trench coat in London.


Instagram: @laurachouette & @laurachouetteofficial

Snapchat: laura-chouette

Twitter: @ChouetteLaura